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Aluminum Mechanical Rails

Metal Rails

• Metal Stairs

• Metal Grating

• Metal Walkways

Water Treatment Metals

• Miscellaneous Metals

• Metal Fabrications

• Curved Aluminum Tank Stairs


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Water Treatment


Metal Ladders


Custom Metal Fabrication

Aluminum • Steel • Stainless • Bronze • Brass


• Decorative Metals

• Structural Metal Framing

• Metal Grating Stair

BMC Mesh Rail

BMC Spindle Rail

BMC 3-Line Rail




• BMC Rail

Company Profile

For over 60 years, Breuer Metal Craftsmen Inc. has supplied custom and miscellaneous metal fabrications to contractors and builders in the architectural, commercial, and industrial fields.


Thanks to our advanced facilities and skilled employees, Breuer Metal Craftsmen is able to specialize in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze metal fabrications. While hundreds of our projects can be seen around the globe, the bulk of our work can be found within a 500-mile radius of our home in Beaver Dam, WI.


While we believe that keeping up with new technology is vitally important, we continue to hold strong to our historic values of hard work and honesty.  These core principals can be traced back to 1912, when 17 year-old Ben O. Breuer completed trade school in Germany. Here at Breuer Metal Craftsmen we are as proud of our past as we are excited about our future.

Mission Statement:

Breuer Metal Craftsmen fabricates high quality products and provides related customer services resulting in aesthetically pleasing, functional solutions to clients needs and continued financial success based on a foundation of customer intimacy, integrity and pride of craftsmanship.


Long Range Vision:

Breuer Metal Craftsmen is committed to being a leader in the field of architectural and miscellaneous metal fabrications.


As leaders in the fabricating industry, we will expand industrial and commercial markets along with specializing in exclusive projects in order to increase profitability for everyone's benefit. We will develop the skills and encourage the creativity of our personnel and recognize excellent workmanship.

Industrial Associations

Aluminum Association

AWS- American Welding Society

Beaver Dam Area Chamber of Commerce

SHRM- Society for Human Resource Management

• MPTC- Moraine Park Technical College- Welding Committee

• MPTC- Moraine Park Technical College- Fabrication Committee

NAAMM- National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturer

NFIB- National Federation of Independent Business

NOMMA- National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association

US Chamber of Commerce

WMEP- Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Division 05: Metals:

Section 05 10 00- Structural Metal Framing

Section 05 20 00- Metal Joists

Section 05 30 00- Metal Deck

Section 05 50 00- Metal Fabrications

Section 05 70 00- Decorative Metals

Our Facilities


BMC in the Community

BMC in the Community

Recognitions & Acknowledgements

Recognitions and Acknowledgements

Associations & Affiliations

Associations & Affiliations



Above: Ben O. Breuer’s Membership Certificate for The Association of German Locksmith Guilds, in 1912.

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