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Aluminum Mechanical Rails

Metal Rails

• Metal Stairs

• Metal Grating

• Metal Walkways

Water Treatment Metals

• Miscellaneous Metals

• Metal Fabrications

• Curved Aluminum Tank Stairs


Private & Residential



Water Treatment


Metal Ladders


Custom Metal Fabrication

Aluminum • Steel • Stainless • Bronze • Brass


• Decorative Metals

• Structural Metal Framing

• Metal Grating Stair

BMC Mesh Rail

BMC Spindle Rail

BMC 3-Line Rail




• BMC Rail

Section 05 50 00- Metal Fabrications

Curved Aluminum Tank Stairs

Curved Aluminum Tank Stair

Miscellaneous Metals

Miscellaneous Metals

Water Treatment Metals

Water Treatment Metals

Other Metal Fabrications

Section 05 51 00- Metal Stairs

Section 05 51 33- Metal Ladders

Section 05 51 36- Metal Walkways

Section 05 52 00- Metal Rails

Section 05 52 13- Pipe and Tube Rails

Section 05 53 00- Metal Grating

• Custom Storage Racks

• Cover Plates

• Pipe Supports

Our years of experience as a metal fabricator has allowed us to offer a wide variety of services and materials including, steel, aluminum, stainless, or water treatment metal fabrications.  At Breuer Metal, our trusted and skilled craftsmen, not only design and fabricate quality products, they also train new employees. Our mentoring program combines hands on training with years of hard work and shared knowledge in order to guarantee the transfer of skills and knowledge to future craftsmen.

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